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The Solstice Massage
Time is all you have.
Make the most of it.

The results of massage has a cumulative effect.  The results will build on each other.  This can lead to  an ability to relax more easily over time.  You don’t just feel better right now.  You feel better for a period of time after the massage.  Connective tissues are realigned.  You can move more freely and feel less  pain and tension.  Escape to the Solstice Spa for a massage. Get your body and mind recharged today.

90 Minutes $94
60 Minutes $74
30 Minutes $54
Create your own personalized Massage!
Add a Personal touch to your "Solstice Massage"

Deep Tissue
Target knots and release muscle tension. $10
Hot Stone
Heated stones warm and relax muscle tissue. $10
Slimming Massage
Tone, tighten and eliminate toxins while you unwind. $10
Hot Cold Contrast
Your therapist will help you choose heated wraps or
cold compresses to enhance your deep healing treatment $10
Mother to Be
A massage table and technique, designed just for you.$10
Maternity massage is not performed prior to 16 weeks.
Please visit your primary care provider to determine
if maternity massage is for you.

Hand Paraffin $10
Aromatherapy $5
Couples Massage
Ideal for couples or any two people who would like to share the massage experience together
Massage for Two:
90 minutes $188
60 Minutes $148
Couples Romance Massage
Fall in love all over again. Enjoy your massage followed by 45 minutes in our private candlelit room.
90 Minutes $233
60 Minutes $193
Add a Personal Touch
Strawberries fondue $20 (per couple)
Foot paraffin –
Indulge in a world of softness for your feet
$40 (per couple)

Detoxifying Body Treatment
Cocoon your body in a heated infrared blanket while you:
  • Lose inches
  • Break down fat tissue
  • Speed up your metabolism
Single session $69
Add a 30 minute massage $39
Or Add a full
60 minute massage $59
Club Membership Monthly $59

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Infrared Sauna
Feel the warmth during your 30 minute session and:
  • Burn up to 600 calories
  • Remove toxins and clear cellulite
  • Improve your immune system
Single 30 Minute Session $15
One Month Unlimited $65
Club Membership Monthly $29
Facial Rejuvenation
It’s like the fountain of youth! During your 20 minute session:
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce pore size
  • Promote a blemish free complexion
Single Session $35
One Month Unlimited $119
Club Membership Monthly $59

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Teeth Whitening
With our unique teeth whitening system, you can get your smile looking its best in just under an hour!
That is all it takes!
Our Teeth Whitening System is:
  • Proven effective
  • Fast and Convenient
  • Long Lasting
  • Low Sensitivity Safe
Basic Session:  $149
Deluxe Session $249